Tipo de prescrição

Single Vision lenses are the standard eyeglass prescription. These glasses are for one field of vision across the entire lens. Single vision glasses can be prescribed for distance vision, near-vision reading glasses, or computer-distance glasses.  There are no lens height requirements for single vision prescriptions.




Progressive lenses includes three fields of vision, without lines. In a Progressive lens, the shape of the corrected part of the lens is approximately that of a funnel or mushroom. The top portion is used for distance-vision, the middle portion (corridor) for mid-range vision, and the bottom portion for the near-vision or reading.


Bifocals lenses include two fields of vision separated by a line. Usually the top is designated for distance vision or computer-distance vision, and the bottom for near-vision work such as reading. The bottom reading area is positioned just below the centerline of the lens. The position of the bi-focal area will be affected by the height of the lens chosen.